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Vibrating machines


Pioneers in the industry, we offer Vibratory Machines such as Vibratory Screen, Vibratory Feeder, Hopper Vibratory and Compaction Vibratory Table from India.

Unbalance Motorized Vibrating Feeder


unbalance motorized vibrating feeder are used to convey various type of material ranging from coal, cement sand, fastners, chemical, glass, fertilizer, cermic raw material, glaas, food, tabaco, pulses, coal cock, salt, sugar, dry fruits, flour etc. It will be also supplied with vfd arrangement to control vibration from min to maxi.

Vibratory Screen



  • Being a compact design it can be recommended as per space requirement

  • East replacement of mesh

  • No maintenance as

  • no bearing plumber block belt etc.


  • Plastic industries

  • Glass industries

  • Ceramic industries

  • Mineral industries

  • Coal industries

  • Food industries

  • Metal industries

  • Pigment industries

  • De — water application

  • Foundry

  • Query industries

  • Salt industries


Working Principal

Motorised vibratory screen will work on the principal of liner motion which ultimately leads to displace of material due to resultant force generated by two unbalance motors fixed on either side of deck.

Thus created vibration will help to separate various size materials.
Being a tailor made device user has to give the details like product size separation of various grade nature of material etc

Vibratory Motor


Vibratory Motor offered comprises precision designed and optimum functionality based Vibratory Motors that are made available in modern process support that allow us to deliver these systems with complete efficiency and reliability support. Finding usage in different industry sectors including in Electronics, Engineering industry and others, we offer entire electrical support incorporated in motor using latest technology so as to ensure trouble free functioning.


  • Precision designed and optimum functionality based Vibratory Motors
  • Available modern process support allow us to deliver these systems with efficiency and reliability support
  • Finding usage in different industry sectors including in Electronics, Engineering industry and others
  • Comes with control panel and AC/ DC drive support
  • Entire electrical support incorporated in motor manufactured using latest technology so as to ensure trouble free functioning 

Hopper Vibratory



  • Prevent labor from hammering or blasting the air inside
  • Ideal equipment facing for problem of arching bridging and rat holing at the out let.
  • Some cases it is replacement to rotary value.
  • Lower power consumption
  • Long life guaranteed for suspension and sleeve


Flour, soya meal, sugar pigments, starch, carbon black, foundry, sand, chips, saw dust, colorants, talc lime soda ash, coal, fly ash, cattle feed, spent grain.

Working Principal

This equipment consist of conical dish type plate which is welded to the body of the bin activator from inside. The half portion of bin activator vibrators horizontally with help of unbalanced vibratory motor which helps the material pushes it in all direction to come surface. The vibration will also get transmitted to the material in upper portion of the bin as the vibration takes place

Tube Feeder/ Conveyor



  • No. belt no plumber block hence maintenance is zero.

  • Flow can be adjusted by installing of V F. D.

  • Very compact and also can be suspended from top

  • Unlike electromagnetic type vibratory feeder where air gap is to be adjusted


  • Voice level is under control

  • Used in cement Industries

  • Pigment Industries

  • All type of grain handling Industries

  • Food Industries

  • Glass Industries

  • Mineral Industries

  • Metal Industries

  • Ceramic Industries


Working Principal

Feeder has got vibratory motor on either side it creates linear straight motion which ultimately leads to convey material. Speed of the feeder can be controlled with help of counter weight balance of vibrator motors

Bin Vibrator



We present precision engineered and dimensionally accurate Bin Vibrators designed to eliminate hopper flow problems, including Bridging, by using a vibratory action to improve bin flow to seamlessly discharge any material. These can be either used to ensure constant and uninterrupted material flow or to eliminate the need for manual manipulation of the bin/ hopper or bulk material. These bin hoppers improve productivity and reduce costs.




  • Seamless operation

  • Long functional life

  • Robust design


Motorized Vibrating Screen


Motorized Vibrating Screen offered comprise optimum functionality based vibrating screens in motorized finish options and are suitable for grading materials in small particle sizes. The screen also contains electromagnet that comes housed in total enclosure, thus preventing dusting. Some of the industry areas where these are used in include glass, pharmaceutical industry, chemical, fertilizer sector.


  • Optimum functionality based vibrating screens in motorized finish options
  • Suitable for grading materials in small particle sizes
  • Screen also containing electromagnet that comes housed in total enclosure that prevents dusting
  • Fabricated using mild/stainless steel
  • Can be made available in different dimensions and sizes
  • Used in areas like glass, pharmaceutical industry, chemical, fertilizer sector
  • We can also provide these with liners for special applications like feeding of ore and pellets in Blast Furnace
  • Enclosed feeder body finish that allows extracting minerals for storage bins as well as for conveying to kilns
  • Comprises tray constructed using Mild Steel
  • Body housing of vibrator made from heavy duty M.S. plates
  • Vibration of feeder controlled support of adjusting loads of motor
  • Feeder mounted on heavy duty spring bar/brackets/base mounting for durable process support

Vibratory Furnace Charger



  • Motorised feeder can give any required out put

  • As vibration under control feeding will be uniform

  • As charging material uniformly discharge into furnace will protect inside lining walls.

  • Control metal splash will reduce man accident


  • Aluminum casting.

  • Steel scraps

  • Castings

    Working Principal

    Material is loaded into storage hopper with help of either magnet or by conveyor. The furnace charger is placed on forged wheel to facilate to and fro operation with help of geared motor on ground railing system. Once it is brought centre of feeding points vibratory motors starts in operation which will help to discharge material with control speed.



Unbalance Motorized Spiral Elevator



  • Carbon black
  • Fertilizers
  • Plastics
  • Tobacco
  • Crumb rubber
  • Clay
  • Minerals
  • Seeds
  • Food powders
  • Sugar

Working Principal

Unbalanced vibratory motors are erected in diametrical position and certain angle either at the bottom or at the top of tube.

This will produced

Torsional vibration resulting in micro throw movement over the whole conveying path due to which the product makes way to upward direction

Vibro Sieve Separator



  • Low power consumtion

  • No screen choking/clogging

  • Flexible Layout

  • Low maintenance

  • Moduler design

  • Compact and elegant


  • Grains

  • Steel Shots

  • Seed

  • PVC

  • Food

  • Slurry

  • Paints

  • Talcum Powder

  • Starch

  • Foundry

  • Salt

Machine Dia Under Mfg.

24" Die • 28" Dia • 34" Dia • 48" Dia • 60" Dia •72" Dia

Working Principal

It is working on principal of Gyratory motion generated by double eccentric weight mounted on two ends of the shaft of vertically mounted vibratory motors. The screen consists of one or more set of deck. the deck is mounted on a set of suspended springs which isolate the base from vibrating assly.